2018 Open Show & Puppy Competition

 2018 Gold Medal Puppy Competition & Open Show

8th July 2018


Puppy Competition Judges: Sonia Saxon (Bagibeli), Colin Reed (Byquy), Melanie Reed-Peck

Overall Puppy Competition Winner:


Open Show Winners:

BIS Masconbull Henrys Legacy at Carasmel

BOS Ruakuri Shades Of Red

BPIS Masconbull Henrys Legacy at Carasmel

BVIS Senidan Golden Prospect

BD Masconbull Henrys Legacy at Carasmel

RBD Blondello Charles Xavier

BB Ruakuri Shades of Red

RBB Neptune Connie rose



Judge Mr David Lees (Mellowmood )

 would like to say thank you to the British bulldog Club for the invite and a nice Day Judging . The weather was really Hot ,so some dogs stayed away From the show . But all the dogs that came coped really well with the heat and it was hot in the ring .But the dogs were under gazebos that worked really well .Non where distressed or overheated .That is a credit to how far the breed as come since we started . Clubs need support from New People coming into the breed .(and old) Without Open shows The shows will end as no one will learn and become CH judges .
Thank you David Lees (Mellowmood)

Class 1
Veteran Dog /Bitch

1st. SENIDAN GOLDEN PROSPECT, Red and White, Bitch .Best Veteran, Over 9 years old and coped really well with the Hot Weather, Overall in great condition for age, Good shoulder placement giving a nice front down to tidy feet, Wide clear eyes .nice ear set on flat scull..good tail, Moved ok

2nd. JAYBELABEE MAUD, Red and White, Bitch, Another nice well bred Veteran Bitch, Nice side profile, Good strong barrel of rib . Leading up to nice tuck up, Moved well

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog

1 st Wilsonpride Faith, Red and White, Shown in tip top clean condition, Pleasing flat scull with correct ear placement, A strong headed puppy
Clear eyes .nice expression, Correct amount of neck to tacked on shoulders, Down to tight feet, Moved well

Class 3 Puppy Dog

1st Masconbull Henrys Legacy at Caramel, Red and white, Best in show Best Puppy, This dog Just stood out, From above the pear shape was very good to see, Nice flat scull from ear to ear, Good lay back to wide open nostrils to true jaw, Tacked on shoulders with a nice strait front to tidy feet, Good spring of rib .with nice tuck up, Strong rear end, Moved well

2nd. Treasurabulls Cracker, Red and white, Another nice headed dog, Good layback . Good strong jaw, A good Front with tacked on shoulders, shown and handled well in the heat

Class 4 Junior Dog

1st. Ruakuri Hikkurangi, Red and White, This Kennel produces some really nice Dogs and this is one of them, A lovely fronted dog, Straight front with tacked on shoulders, Good clear eyes ,nice expression, Good topline ,strong rear end and good tail, Moved well, 

2nd Startini Betelgeuse, Brindle and white, Handled and shown well, good ear placement, Good clear eyes, True jaw, Nice reach of neck .tacked on shoulders, Good tail, Shown in top condition

Class 5 Novice dog

1st Onahia Del Atlante Hes The Only one at want (imp esp), Red white, Another good fronted dog, Pleasing from the front, Good ear placement With good layback, Nice depth of chest, Good top line, Nice free tail

2nd Justafiabull Tristana, Red and White, A Bigger type Dog, Very head strong, Shown well, 

Class 6 Post Graduate Dog

1st Blondello Charles Xavier, Reserve dog, White /red, A nice compact dog, Everything in the right place, Strong jaw with good turn, Nice topline , eading upto a nice tail and set, Moved really well

2nd Jayelabee De Nero, Red /white, Shown and handled well, Good ear set and top line moved ok

Class 7 Limit Dog

Ruakuri on the road agin at Jacobella, Red and white, A good fronted dog, Not over in any way, Good true jaw . Clear eyes, Good reach of neck .leading to nice topline, To good tail .strong rear end

2nd Kadreya you can count on me, A Lighter dog with more reach of leg, Good headed dog not overdone in anyway, Nice expression, Moved ok

Class 8 Open dog
1st Olar do bulldog low rider of bulushi, Red and White, A strong looking dog, With lots of power on the move, Good layback, And strong true jaw with lovely up turn, Tacked on shoulders and straight front, Good rear angulation, Shown and moved well

2nd Senidan Blanco Pablo, White/red, Another powerful looking dog, With a good strong head true jaw clear open eyes, Good ear placement, Nice topline and a good placed straight tail, Moved well

Class 10 Minor puppy bitch

1st Mystyle Maddie Milasha NAF, Red and White, BPB, First Show out found out after, And went very well .Handled well, A Feminine bitch with lots to give, Just the right amount of everything for her age, A Good straight front ,down to tidy tight feet, Flat scull from ear to ear, Nice layback .clear eye, Good reach of neck, Moved well

2nd Ruakuri Chasing Glory
Red and White, Another nice dog from this kennel, Shown in prestige condition ,Handled very well, Nice ear placement with just the right amount of work in head, Wide nostrils .good turn of jaw, Nice rear angulation with strong push on movement

Class 11 Puppy Bitch

1st Laroyal lead the way as Blenhiemstar, Red And White, Lovely standard bitch, A nice headed bitch with good turn of jaw, Tacked on shoulders with a good straight front, Just the right in . With a good depth of chest and barrel of rib, Strong on the move

2nd Kingrock Lady rose with Wilsonpride, Red and White, Another good fronted dog standing, Good strong jaw with good turn and depth, Nice reach of neck, Handled well .moved ok

Bb bos

1st Ruakuri Shades of Red, Red and White, I just loved the front and movement on this bitch, Reminded me of one in a million, Handled and moved really well to say they haven’t shown her, From front on she was a dream to look at . Everything was tight and in the right place, Standard size and looked bulldog, Good top line nice tail strong rear .

2nd Takoda Friend to all
White and red, Good barrel of rib. And top-line, Nice rear angulation, Moved ok

Novice bitch

Reserve bitch
1st Neptune Connie rose, Red and White, Strong headed bitch with good layback, Wide open nostrils . Good depth of jaw with upsweep, Tacked on shoulders with lots of tone and strength, Reach of neck and good top line .with a pleasing barrel of rib, A strong rear end . Moved and handled well

2nd Ruakuri Making sweet memories, Red and white, A nice feminine bitch with lots to offer, Good head type, With the clearest of eyes, Wide nostrils with good layback, True jaw with good upsweep, Moved well

Post graduate bitch

1st Meljane Kashmir at Belstock, White and red Well put together bitch, Tacked on shoulders , straight front down to tight feet, Plenty of rib with good depth, Good top line and back up to the straightest of tails, Set just right, Moved well

Limit Bitch

1st Ragmarte Middle earth, Red and White, Another nice standard size bitch, With everyone placed where it should be, A nice feminine expression .with nice upsweep of jaw, Correct ear placement . Wide open clear eyes, Tacked on shoulders ,well rounded barrel of rig, With nice tuck up . Good tail and strong rear .moved well

2nd Kingrock Cherry Cola at Wilsonpride, Red and white, A Nice Headed bitch, Flat scull .nice lay back, Clear eyes and wide open nostrils, Good reach of neck .barrel of rid with good depth, Moved ok

Open Bitch

1st. Goodbull Rita Ora JW, A strong bitch with lots about her, Good ear set , clear eyes open nostrils, the true wide jaw, Loads of rib with good depth
Pear shape .with good topline .to a good clear tail, Strong rear and moved well




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