2019 Championship Show

British Bulldog Club Champ Show - November 2019

BIS & BCC Dalpra's Bull and Grapes La Neve Macchiata (ATC AV02470ITA)

DCC Westmorland's Harsocharmathe Ronaldo at Gailbulls

RDCC Beaumont's Bullmont Lord Stannis

RBCC William's Willmere Samantha

Critique from Judge Mrs Margaret Goodwin (Britishpride)

My thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge show which is held in a lovely Venue.

My thanks also to the exhibitors for thier valued entries. I had some super dogs to go over and i was very pleased with my final line ups for both sexes.
Many thanks also to my ring stewards for the day.
Veteran Dog or Bitch
Miss H & Mr S Dodwell's Mystyle Eclipse Asharlo J.W. A credit to her owner, in good condition for 8yrs old. Lovely head, good wide sweep of under jaw, straight bone, neat feet, good topline, moved and showed well.
Mr. S. Davies's The Miz at Baalzebul. Standard sized, clean cut with a pleasing expression, lovely pear shaped body. moved well.
Minor P.D.
1. Mr & Mrs D Lowthian's Cofantreo Diamond Prince at Tyneamite. Standard male in good condition, a good head,dark eyes, fine wrinkle, straight front with stronge bone, good rib. Moved well.
2. Miss S Hanley's Blenhiemstar The last Drop. Compact dog, balanced head with a clear eyes, good expression, straight front, nice body shape. Moved well
3. Mr Downs's Blenhiemstar Saint George.
Puppy Dog
1. Miss N. Beaumont's Bullmont Lord Stannis. Flashy dog, balaced youg male, sour expression, loveley length of skull, ine wrinkle, neat ears. clear dark eyes, ample neck, straight front, neat feet and a compact body. Moved and showed well
2. P&C Manders. Kupakos Galvin. Good overall size and shape not as compact as 1, flat skull, dark eyes, fine wrinkle, good layback, staight bone and neat feet. Moved well.
3. D,C,R & D Rodgers. New Soul Origin.
Junior Dog.
1. D & K Nealings, Bullmont Lord Commander Neptunebull, Good head with flat skull, nice sweep of under jaw, well balanced front, plenty of rib. Moved well.
2. M & R Hardings Wilsonpride Days of Speed. Lovely Heads on both of these dogs, nice head with a wide foreface, dark eyes, goog length of skulll straight front, shorter in back than 1 but pefered the movement of 1.
Novice Dog
1. M & P. Keegan's Golden Star Bull O'Conor Pamazande ( IMP HUN ). Good head with nice layback, wide foreface, clear eyes, good bone, nice body shape. Moved well.
2. Miss A. George. Avaword Lincoln, Stronge compact dog, fine wrinkle head with good layback, straight stronge bone, lost out to 1 on tailset and lenght of neck.
Under Grad Dog.
1, S & P Peebles & Kirkwood's, Weebulls Pogue Mahone, standard Dog, nice hea, good pigmentation,neat ears, good turn of under jaw, nice pear shaped body. Moved well.
2. J Livingstone's Jacobella Captain Flint, A bigger dog than 1, good head, flat skull, nice width of foreface, neat ears, straight bone, compact body, prefered movement of 1.
3. T Smith's Ladymere Kingston.
Post Grad dog
1.E Waghorn's Maxibullz The Muse of Love. Standard size Dog, good expession, neat ears, clear dark eye, loveley sweep of under jaw, good front and body shape.
2. C. Briddon's Baalzebul Phobos love at Miristar, Flat skull, well spaced dark eyes, neat well set ears, straight bone, tight feet, keeps his topline on the move. Prefered movement of 1.
3. C Walker's LaRoyal Natural Born leader.
Limit Dog.
1. C Newman's, Lilylove notorious McGregor at Wencar. Standard compact Dog, pear shaped body, pleasing expression with enough work in the head, good spring of rib, plenty of bone. Moved Well
2. A Nord's, Bokabulls Max Warrior . Big Boy with a masculine head, brick shape skull good layback, wide foreface, strong bone, longer in body than 1.
3. C & S Parker's Albionpride A kind of Magic J.W.
Open Dog.
1. G Westmorlands, Harsocharmathe Ronaldo at Gailbulls, Lovely brick shaped skull with good layback,wide foreface, lovely sweep of under jaw, dark clear eyes, straight front tacked on shoulders, good length of neck, nice spring of rib good top line, well angulated, not over done in any way, moved ans showed well. My Dog CC winner.
2. P & C Manders, CH Erimusbulls Mannion J.W. Standard compact dog, good top line, nice head, lovely sweep of under jaw, giving desired expression from dark clear eyes, straight front. goog rib cage. moved well.
3. A & S Saxon's Bagibelli Billi Ray J.W
Minor Puppy Bitch
1. Murphy's Wembholt Rosie Mag. Quality puppy bitch, good length of skull, wide flat head, dark eyes, open nostrils, nice sweep of under jaw, straight front with tacked on shoulders, good top line which she kept on the move. Best movement in the class.
2. V Ellison, Maghullpaws Splash. Good head with clear dark eyes, nice sweep of under jaw, straight bone, neat feet, compact body, prefered top line of 1 but another lovely puppy. moved well.
3. T Ross's Grandtree Queen of Dragons
Puppy Bitch.
1. K. Davis's Immanuelbull Olivia of Mystyle (IMP HUN), Beautiful profile of this bitch took my eye when she came in the ring, feminine head with a nice sweep of under jaw, dark clear eyes, neat ears, straight front, neat feet, good barrel rib. moved well.
2. V Ellison's Maghullpaws Targaryen. nicely balanced bitch, enough work in the head, dark eyes, good width of foreface, straight front, prefered top line of 1.
3. S & P Peebles and Kirkwood's Weebullz Amazing Grace.
Junior Bitch
1. K & A Takarangi's Ruakuri rememberance Petals, Brick shaped head with a good up sweep, dark eyes, fine wrinkle, well boned front, good depth of brisket, lovely tail set. moved and showed well,
2. C & S Bradshaw's Brarabus Proud Mary, LOvely headed bitch, good length of skull, fine wrinkled, expressive eyes with correct layback. straight bone, nice boy shape. Moved well.
3. C & D Ingmells CH Mellowmood Cover girl for Chelajay.
Novice Bitch.
1. J. Godwin's Sonnyking Shady Scarlet. Nice head, good width of foreface, neat ears, straight front, strong bone, good body shape with correct top line. moved ok.
Under Graduate Bitch.
1. J. Livingstone, Jacobella Madam Me Me, Good shaped head with good width of Jaw, dark eyes good pigmentation,neat ears, good body shape. Moved well.
2. M, D & E Tearle's Terlingfair Dior. Nice Type Clean Unexaggerated head with wide nostrils, good up sweep, straight bone, cobby body. moved ok.
3 C & S Parker's Albion Pride Miss Furtar
Post Grad Bitch
1. C. Freshney's Bullenca Back to Black, strong head with good width of foreface, lovely sweep of uner jaw, deep brisket, good top line, pear shaped body. Moved well
2. D, C, R & D Rodgers Belushi Flamin Star,Standard size, nice head, pleasing expression, lovely pear shaped body and spring of rib. Needs to settle on the move.
3. R & M Taylor's Hillplace Gold Charm.
Limit Bitch
1. Williams Willmere Samantha, Strong well balanced feminine head with dark eyes, good layback,well set ears, good swept under jaw, well barreled ribs, nice pear shaped body. moved and showed well RCC.
2. Hanvey's Captainbull Bonvie Nice head properties, square front, neat feet, Balanced body. Moved Well.
3 D, C, R & D Rodgers Belushi Polk Salad Annie.
Open Bitch
1. F. Dalpra's Bull and Grapes La Neve Macchiata (ATC AV02470ITA). Brick shaped skull lovely widyh of foreface, neat ears, clear dark eyes, good lay back, lovely expression, straight bone, neat feet, goog reach of neck, good body shape with correct tail set, good angulation. well presented, showed and moved well. Pleased to award her the Bitch CC and BEST IN SHOW.
2. P & J. New's CH Newrock Dakota, Another lovely bitch of great proportions with super lay back, pleasing expression, straight front, good pear shaped body, held her top line on the move. a worthy Champion.
3. A Walker's Britishus Valentina.
Mrs Margaret Goodwin Judge
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