2019 Open Show & Puppy Competition

2019 Gold Medal Puppy Competition & Open Show

7th July 2019


Puppy Competition Judges: Mr Norman Davis (Ocobo), Mrs Maria Taylor (Hillplace), Ms Hayley Dodwell (Asharlo)

Overall Puppy Competition Winner: Dearlove’s Ryjarlow Shooting Star


Open Show Winners:

BIS  Ryjarlow Shooting Star

BOS Britanic Wise Guy

RBIS Ruakuri pride and glory

BPIS Terlingfair Dior

BVIS Mystyle Eclipse Asharlo JW

BD Britanic Wise Guy


BB Ryjarlow Shooting Star

RBB Ruakuri pride and glory




Firstly I would like to thank the british bulldog club for the opportunity to judge, I thoroughly enjoyed my day and thankyou for all who entered and supported our club

class 1 veteran d or b 1st Astons mystyle eclipse jw r& w, nicely proportioned well balanced bitch lovely dark eyes,correct ear placement , feminine girl with enough substance correct tail, tight feet excellent movement . 2nd bannister mr a & mrs c andlares late fall ,a wonderfull 10 year old r & w bitch didn’t look her age at all in lovely condition,good bone and conformation well angulated hind quarters lovely sour expression moved well 3rd bulldog kisses Christina Aguilera

mpd 1st manders manders mr p & mrs c kupakos galvin taf r&w well balanced puppy with good underjaw , wide nostrils, good width between the ears dark eyes , correct rear angulation promising youngster moved well 2nd mr & mrs s lee milasha supersonic w&r another nice youngster good turn of underjaw,god bone and substance , correct tail, dark eyes , tight feet moved well 3rd baalzebul eeyore.

Pd 1st ironmonger mr & mrs r britanic wise guy well balanced youngster with correct sour expression, compact body with deep brisket, flat skull with good layback,good width between the ears correct tail,good angulation ,correct topline which he held on the move , happy to award him best puppy and best dog 2nd harding mr m and mrs r wilsonpride days of speed r& w chunky boy with plenty of bone and substance, dark eyes, tight feet , good tacked on shoulders moved ok 3rdsubribulls lord rolley.

Jd 1st hanleys blenheimstar dee r& w excellent bone structure , huge barrel of rib and deep brisket,correct ear placement , wide skull,with fantastic jaw , correct tail tight feet moved really well and kept his topline on the move 2nd howleys karanstar buffalo soldier r& w flashy boy with correct head shape, flat skull,good pigment , dark eyes moved well, 3rd ricatori rule changer.

Nd no entries

pgd 1st Beaumont miss n bullmont lord of light white dog , eye catching boy with excellent pigment , dark round eyes excellent bone and substance with deep chest and wide rib in lovely condition, a well balanced dog moved well 2nd ironmonger mr &mrs r burchell mr bohannon at britanic b& w flashy eyecatching boy in lovely condition,,sour expression dark eyes neat well placed ears moved well , 3rd belushi its king creole

ld davies baalzebul chianti jw stood alone but well deserved his 1st place white dog in fabulous condition exceptionally white , dark eyes with good pigment,deep chest , correct tail, good bone and substance correct topline , moved well .

od 1st powell & smith mascobulls henrys legacy at carasmel jw rw with excellent bone structure and substance ,deep chest and wide brisket,dark eyes well balanced dog that carried his topline on the move . 2nd greenhall & evans b& w flashy boy , eyecatching , correct ear placement , dark round eyes, clean head with enough wrinkle ,correct angulation, tight feet moved well 3rd baalzebul rawks

special beginners dog 1st ebbins kenaiteen marbled teeth stood alone , r&w good pigment, huge nostrils round dark eyes very fit athletic healthy boy .

Mpb 1st shirtcliffes pashirs cherry queen w&r femine puppy of quality , good width of jaw, neat well placed ears large round dark eyes, tight feet moved ok, deserved her 1st place though she stood alone

pb terlingfair dior w&r another quality puppy very pretty and feminine, good bone and substance deep rib and brisket, and good depth of chest , wide jaw with good upsweep healthy tail lovely coat in excellent condition, moved ok happy to award her best puppy 2nd lees mystyle Penelope milasha r& w another lovely puppy with good substance, wide upsweep of jaw, correct ear placement correct tail nice tight feet moved ok 3rd britanic redrage

jb 1st dearloves ryjarlow shooting star r& w this little bitch stood out today lovely deep red coat, good upswept jaw with enough width,lovely dark round eyes with superb pigment, large nostrils, deep chest and brisket, correct tail and tail set, moved well and carried her correct topline on the move, happy to award her bis one to watch 2nd livingstones jacobella madam meme white bitch bitch, very pretty feminine with super dark eyes , good bone and substance, deep chest, everything well balanced lovely on the move

nb 1st belushi flaming star r&w lovely deep red flashy girl with good eye confirmation, dark pigment good bone and substance deep chest, good rear angulation healthy tail , tight tidy feet good on the move . 2nd flats belstock papa don’t preach w& r pretty girl ,good eye confirmation and nice neat ears, correct pigment correct tail , in lovely condition moved well 3rd jaybelabee winter

pgb 1st davies baazebul venus r&w good substance with lovely depth of front dark eyes , correct ears, correct rear angulation healthy tail moved really well in lovely condition . 2nd brackens bradiebe infinity w&r nice little girl with good pigment , dark eyes with correct placement large nostrils, correct tail moved well , 3rd britishstyle tallulas gift

lb 1st takarangis ruakuri pride and glory r&w very pretty bitch in lovely condition , exc bone and substance deep chest, correct ear placement, correct tail and tailset lovely on the move , a well balanced bitch happy to award her rbis 2nd baalzebul constance for geenawell w&r another quality bitch with a lot of good attributes , in fabulous condition, good substance, dark eyes , good upsweep of jaw excellent tail and tail set moved well 3rd laroyal lead the way as blenhiemstar,

ob 1st ashtons asharlo gypsy rose lovely brindle & white flashy bitch in fabulous condition , good width of jaw with enough upsweep, excellent dark eyes with dark pigment ,compact body shape with good rear angulation ,correct tail and tail set , moved well 2nd startini capella r&w bitch with correct shape head with enough nose roll, good eye confirmation, good depth of chest, deep brisket, healthy tail moved well 3rd rosebull skye is gonna fly mystyle


Margaret Morris (Ragmarte)




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